In the Mind's Ear


Release Date

29th May 2016

Single Project

In the Mind’s Ear is a journey into the electronically captured sonic imagination of Increment. Drawing from some iconic electronic inspirations, Increment brings some fresh sounds to some classic beats. Trip into the sound, fall into the groove and float back up.

The EP opens with an Epic ‘Another New Day’ which features a couple of equally epic bass lines. ‘Walk On’ is a rare treat with vocals and guitars! (and some crazy robot vocals as well). Track three, ‘Buttons’ brings back that classic deep and progressive electronica dance sound to where it should be: your ears! ‘At the Mausoleum’ has something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Then you will find yourself on a ’Sunday Afternoon’, climbing down a rabbit warren of sound and progression. Once it’s all done, there is only one way to say ‘Goodbye’ and that is that.